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Dempsey’s mother ‘passes away’

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey’s mother Amanda reportedly passed away from ovarian cancer on Monday.The 79-year-old had been fighting the disease since 1997, and inspired the Grey’s Anatomy star and his family to get educated about what Amanda was dealing with.In... Read More »

Ellen explains Emmy comments

Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo’s Emmy slam was meant to be off the record.The actress caused controversy when she said Sunday’s awards show was lacking in diversity and out of date."The Emmys felt so dated to me,” she told AP on Sunday. “That dance number was em... Read More »

Patrick Dempsey: moved to tears

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey admits he’s a big softyThe 47-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star, who plays TV heartthrob Dr. Derek Shepherd, confesses he’s emotional and his three children often make him cry.“I'm moved to tears quite a bit. I'm a big crier,” he t... Read More »