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Emma Stone talks love at first sight

Emma Stone

Emma Stone has warned people won't always "feel a spark" when they meet someone.The 25-year-old actress is in a long-term relationship with Andrew Garfield and they star alongside each other in the Spider-Man franchise. They are famously secretive abou... Read More »

Emma ‘wants Andrew to socialize more’

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone reportedly worries Andrew Garfield is the “nerdy Peter Parker type for real”.The two stars appear in the Spider-Man franchise alongside each other and are also dating in real life. Andrew takes on the title role in the films, playing the... Read More »

Emma Stone: Garfield’s my superhero

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Emma Stone thinks Andrew Garfield is cooler than Spider-Man.The actress plays the superhero's love interest Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, while Andrew takes on the role of the protagonist. In real life they are also a couple, but Emma... Read More »

Dane DeHaan makes gruesome Goblin

Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan was "terrifying" as the Green Goblin, according to Emma Stone.The 28-year-old actor plays the menacing villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opposite Emma, who plays the superhero's love interest Gwen Stacy. Dane underwent a dramatic transfor... Read More »

Garfield ‘will write a book about Stone’

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield is going to write a book about girlfriend Emma Stone.The Amazing Spiderman 2 co-stars have been in a relationship since 2011 but rarely acknowledge it in press interviews. However the 30-year-old actor spoke of his affection for Emma du... Read More »

Garfield: I am not sexist

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is explaining a “sexist” comment he made last week, insisting he was simply misunderstood.The actor took part in a Yahoo Q&A with kids where he described sewing as “feminine”, something his girlfriend and co-star Emma Stone seem... Read More »

Andrew Garfield: I’m not funny

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield describes his humor as "sick, twisted, not that funny".The 30-year-old actor is currently riding high as Spider-Man / Peter Parker in the second installment of the popular film franchise.Producer of the new webbed wonder movie Avi Arad ... Read More »

Emma Stone: Brave women inspire me

Emma Stone

Emma Stone thinks women are becoming braver.The actress is one of the biggest names in the industry thanks to her roles in The Amazing Spider-Man franchise and comedies such as Easy A. She's pleased women in her line of work are showing a united front ... Read More »

Andrew Garfield: I love going nude

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield loves getting his clothes off.When the Spider- Man actor is not donning the superhero suit, he loves to get back to basics and enjoys being free of his clothes.But the 30-year-old star was far from being naked last night, when he steppe... Read More »

Andrew Garfield: Gosling is perfect

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield describes Ryan Gosling as perfect.The British star and his girlfriend Emma Stone were quizzed on any low points regarding handsome actor Ryan.Far from badmouthing the Hollywood hunk, who has starred as Emma's love interest in numerous f... Read More »