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Tom Cruise’s movie obsession

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has admitted he watches at least one movie a day.The 51-year-old actor has appeared in numerous Hollywood blockbusters including Top Gun, Minority Report and the Mission: Impossible franchise during his career.But in between making features,... Read More »

Tom Cruise: I invented global press tours

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has claimed he invented international press tours.The 51-year-old actor is best known for his action blockbusters, his most recent being Edge of Tomorrow. Tom and his co-star Emily Blunt took on a mammoth task for the film, attending premier... Read More »

Tom Cruise: Dating is low priority

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise says dating is a “low priority” for him right now.The 51-year-old Edge of Tomorrow actor has been a single man since divorcing ex-wife Kate Holmes in 2012.Tom’s career is hectic currently and he’d rather put all his energies into com... Read More »

Emily Blunt: Motherhood has made me strong

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt has grown to be stronger since becoming a mother.The British beauty gave birth to daughter Hazel in February with husband John Krasinski, and says parenthood has changed her for the better. She's currently starring in action flick Edge of ... Read More »

Emily Blunt’s surprising Cruise kiss

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise

Emily Blunt caught Tom Cruise off-guard when she kissed him during filming of their new movie.The British actress appears alongside the Hollywood star in futuristic sci-fi flick Edge of Tomorrow, in which they play warriors fighting against aliens who ... Read More »

Emily Blunt: Motherhood is existential

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt thinks motherhood is an “incredibly existential” experience.The 31-year-old Edge of Tomorrow actress and her husband John Krasinski welcomed their first child, daughter Hazel, on February 16.And a few months into parenting, Emily remain... Read More »

Tom Cruise: I test myself

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise isn't afraid of failure.The actor has appeared in a variety of successful movies, including the Mission: Impossible franchise, Vanilla Sky and War of the Worlds.While he's often told to stick to safe action films such as Top Gun, the star li... Read More »