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Dockery tight lipped on Downton spoilers

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery doesn't give away Downton Abbey spoilers even to famous fans of the show.The British star's turn as Lady Mary Crawley in the smash hit period drama has launched her career all over the world, and away from the show she's starred in a s... Read More »

Lily James: Cate is cool

Lily James thinks Cate Blanchett is "everything you want her to be and more".The 25-year-old actress stars alongside the screen icon in upcoming movie Cinderella, in which Lily takes on the title role. She rose to prominence in period drama Downton Abb... Read More »

Liam Neeson: I miss Irish cheese

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson hunted down Northern Irish cheese in America.The actor was born in Ireland but now lives in the US with sons Micheál, and Daniel, who he has with late wife Natasha Richardson.He only makes it back to his birthplace a few times a year, but ... Read More »

Michelle Dockery: I’m not always up for a selfie

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery uses the alter ego "rich Britney" to stay incognito in America.The British actress has won worldwide fame thanks to her portrayal of Lady Mary Crawley on popular period drama Downton Abbey.Despite being a UK show it's huge in the US, b... Read More »

Dan Stevens: Kids are light of my life

Dan Stevens' children help him leave behind any "darkness" that comes with a role.The 31-year-old actor is proud dad to daughter Willow and son Aubrey, who he has with wife Susie Hariet. Alongside raising his little ones, Dan is enjoying a career high,... Read More »

Clooney’s kiss for Maggie Smith

Tom Cullen

Dame Maggie Smith “collapsed” when George Clooney gave her a kiss.Rumours have been circulating the handsome Hollywood actor is set to appear in a charity episode of Downton Abbey.And now Tom Cullen, who plays Lord Anthony (Foyle) Gillingham, has c... Read More »

Downton fan Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss would do anything to appear in Downton Abbey.The American actress made a name for herself playing Peggy Olson in smash hit series Mad Men.As the show, set in the advertising world of the 1960s, gets ready to come to an end next year, Eli... Read More »

Dan Stevens: Leaving Downton was risky

Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens took a leap of faith when he left Downton Abbey.The British star rose to fame playing Matthew Crawley in the hit period drama, but left in 2012 to film new projects.He’s had great success in Hollywood and is busy promoting new movie The G... Read More »

Michelle Dockery amazed by fanbase

Michelle Dockery

Michelle Dockery thought someone was just being kind when she was handed a gift in Jordan.The British actor has made her name starring as Lady Mary Crawley in British period drama Downton Abbey. Although the TV show is broadcast all over the world, Mic... Read More »

Lily James: Dame Maggie gives me tips

Lily James

Lily James has learned how to deal with boredom from Dame Maggie Smith.The 25-year-old actress has starred in Downton Abbey since 2012. For the young star, the chance to work alongside double Oscar winner Dame Maggie Smith has been a daily education."I... Read More »