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Sarah Gadon: I love watching myself

Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon thinks it would be "narcissistic" to say she doesn't like seeing herself on screen.The Canadian actress stars in Dracula Untold, the latest take on the classic vampire tale. Many stars claim they don't enjoy watching their films, but the 27... Read More »

Dominic Cooper was terrible student

Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper is ashamed of his "appalling academic record".The 35-year-old actor has discussed his relationship with his mother, who always encouraged him not to worry about what people thought of him. She also believed in his talent as an actor, wit... Read More »

Cooper: Raunchy scenes are brave

Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper just "goes for it" with sex scenes.The Mamma Mia! actor stars in British TV show Fleming, which takes a look at the life of Ian Fleming, the man behind the James Bond novels.As the author enjoyed many flings with women, it meant Dominic ... Read More »

Cooper’s faux skiing scenes

Dominic Cooper

Dominic Cooper was devastated when his latest shoot didn't take him to Jamaica as that was the only reason he took the job.The British actor portrays James Bond creator Ian Fleming in a new TV show which looks into the life of the author-and-naval inte... Read More »

Amanda Seyfried ‘enjoys Long dates’

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long are apparently enjoying "date-like activities".The Lovelace actress previously dated British hunk Dominic Cooper and was linked to Dexter star Desmond Harrington last year.Justin and Amanda were first rumored to be seein... Read More »