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Deadmau5 fires back at Disney


Deadmau5 has fired back at Disney after the Mouse House attempted block his trademark approval in the US.The music producer has been embroiled in a legal battle with the corporation, which claimed his logo is too similar to its own in court documents r... Read More »

Kat to ‘deprogram love damage’

Kat Von D

Kat Von D thinks she falls in love with “dark and broken” men.The 31-year-old celebrity tattoo artist has one divorce behind her belt, and she also engaged in two failed high-profile relationships with DJ Deadmau5 and Jesse James.In a reflective Tw... Read More »

Deadmau5 slams Bieber


DJ Deadmau5 says Justin Bieber needs to be “shut down” for his out-of-control antics.The music producer was astonished by reports of Justin starting a fight with a DJ in South Korea. And he didn’t hold back in making his feelings clear about the ... Read More »