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Nick Frost is huge James Franco fan

Nick Frost

Nick Frost hearts James Franco.The British funnyman is busy filming Unfinished Business, which stars James Marsden, Sienna Miller and James' younger brother Dave.When Empire magazine asked Nick to recount the last movie that surprised him, he picked on... Read More »

Dave Franco: I burned down my room

Dave Franco

Dave Franco once burnt down his room with a cookie dough-scented candle.The 28-year-old actor attended the University of Southern California to study a degree in both psychology and film, but dropped out to pursue his acting career. During the short ti... Read More »

Dave Franco: James doesn’t surprise me

Dave Franco

Dave Franco is rarely surprised by his brother's antics.The 28-year-old star is the younger sibling of James Franco, and both brothers have followed a similar career path and gone into acting.While Dave manages to keep a relatively low profile, James o... Read More »

Dave Franco: RPatz & KStew were fate

Dave Franco

Dave Franco thinks it would have been a "tragedy" if Robert Pattinson hadn't met Kristen Stewart. The 28-year-old star, whose older brother is James Franco, previously revealed he once auditioned for the lead in vampire franchise Twilight. He doesn't l... Read More »