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Chris O’Dowd: I was compared to Richard Gere

Chris O'Dowd couldn't believe his eyes when his local newspaper implied he looks identical to Richard Gere.The 34-year-old actor hails from a town called Boyle in Ireland and the people there remain his biggest fans. He has featured in the regional new... Read More »

2014 Tony Award nominees announced

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston, Chris O’Dowd and Neil Patrick Harris have all made the shortlist for the Tony Awards 2014.While some of the biggest names in film and television made the move into theatre to tread the boards this year, not all have been shortlisted f... Read More »

Taylor Swift for Girls?

Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham

Taylor Swift is reportedly set to star in Girls.The American songstress is said to be a big fan of the Golden Globe winning show, and is also good friends with the creator and star of Girls, Lena Dunham.Now sources close to the famous pair say that a g... Read More »

Chris O’Dowd: Wife’s name is touching

Chris O'Dowd

Chris O'Dowd found it touching when his wife took on the O from his last name.Chris wed British TV personality Dawn in 2012. Instead of following tradition and taking his surname, Dawn decided to add the O on to her own, becoming O'Porter.Comedian Chri... Read More »

O’Dowd: I was a late bloomer

Chris O'Dowd

Chris O'Dowd had to be funny as a youngster because he was "that ugly".The Irish star has been reflecting on his boyhood looks ahead of tonight's season two premiere of his semi-autobiographical TV show Moone Boy in the UK.Despite carving himself out a... Read More »

Aged lothario Chris O’Dowd

Chris O'Dowd

Chris O'Dowd was "so old" when he had his first kiss.The actor stars in Moone Boy, a TV comedy about a young boy who deals with growing up in a small Irish town by relying on his invisible friend, who is played by Chris.In the second series young actor... Read More »

Chris O’Dowd’s James Franco crush

Chris O'Dowd

James Franco is the "most handsome man" Chris O'Dowd has ever met.The two actors are appearing in Of Mice and Men on Broadway, with the opening night set for April. As of yet they haven't had much to do with each other, but James certainly made a big i... Read More »

Rashida Jones: I was heavy but funny

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones turned to comedy because she was on the "heavy side" as a pre-teen.The Parks and Recreation actress is currently starring in Cuban Fury, which is another comedy string to add to her bow.Recalling her childhood, Rashida says it was her bod... Read More »

Leighton Meester on Broadway

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester is the latest star to join Broadway show Of Mice and Men.The Gossip Girl actress will star alongside James Franco and Irish actor and comedian Chris O'Dowd.The show will be the 27-year-old actress' Broadway debut, as well as James and ... Read More »