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Brown: Nobody’s invincible

Chris Brown's time in jail has helped him "become a man and mature".The Loyal singer has been in and out of trouble with the law a lot recently, and spent three months in prison for a probation violation earlier this year. Now the 25-year-old is refocu... Read More »

Rihanna slams CBS for pulling track


Rihanna has marveled at the "audacity" of CBS wanting to use one of her songs, a week after pulling it from its Thursday Night Football show.The network pulled the plug on using the star's song Run This Town in its show last week, following the Ray Ric... Read More »

Brown: Loyal was jail hit

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s Loyal was apparently a huge hit with jail guards.The 25-year-old singer was released from police custody on June 2 after spending 234 days in jail and rehab over the last year following a string of run-ins with the law.But he admits his... Read More »

Chris Brown: I don’t hate Drake

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has no animosity towards Drake.The pair were said to be mortal enemies for a while and their entourages even became embroiled in an infamous fight at a nightclub in Manhattan two years ago.The musicians decided to poke fun at their feud by ... Read More »

Chris Brown denies brawl involvement

Chris Brown

Chris Brown denies being involved in a brawl early Thursday morning.The 25-year-old singer was performing at the VIP Room in New York City at a New York Fashion Week event in the early hours of September 11.According to TMZ, a “bottle-throwing” bra... Read More »

Chris Brown: Jail gave me focus

Chris Brown

Chris Brown had time to “focus on what matters” while behind bars.The 25-year-old Deuces star spent 234 days in jail and rehab over the past year.He was released from custody on June 2 and in a new interview with Billboard fully released on Friday,... Read More »

Chris Brown: I live honestly

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is trying to live the most “true, honest” life he can.The 25-year-old singer pled guilty to misdemeanor assault earlier this week after he was accused of hitting a man outside a hotel in Washington last October.For over five years, Chri... Read More »

Chris Brown sentenced

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault.The 25-year-old R&B star was accused of hitting a man outside a hotel in Washington in October last year. At the time he was on probation following his assault on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.The star ... Read More »

Chris Brown ‘reaches out to Suge’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has supposedly contacted Suge Knight to offer support.The 25-year-old singer was hosting a pre-MTV VMAs party at 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood on Saturday and Death Row Records founder Suge was shot at the bash.And as the 49-year-old rec... Read More »

Brown ‘making huge effort’ for Rihanna

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is reportedly “making a huge effort” to support Rihanna.The pair share a dynamic history together, as they split when he assaulted her in 2009 and then got back together, only to break up several times thereafter.And apparently Chris is... Read More »