Sudeikis recalls teenage rebellion

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis “should have known better” after getting caught smuggling a life jacket from a plane.

The comic star plays a drug smuggler in his new movie We’re The Millers, and was asked if he drew on any life experiences for the role. Jason has confessed that he once attempted to steal a safety vest when he was flying to see his grandmother as a teenager – and his dad was not impressed when he got busted.

“We were flying from Florida to go to Chicago where my grandmother lived, and then we were going to go back to Kansas City. We must have been flying over a body of water because they had those life preservers under the seat – the kind where you pull the cord and it blows up,” he told GQ magazine. “I just wanted to try that, so I took one and put it in my bag, took it off the plane. I wasn’t going to use it at my grandma’s in case it made a big noise or something – and I wanted to show my friends. So then back at the airport… I got stopped at security because of the CO2 tubes in there. This was pre-9/11 so it wasn’t Defcon 1, but the security still stopped me they had to search through my bag and my Dad was like, ‘What the hell, Jase!’ I was probably 15. I should have known better.”

Jason is engaged to Olivia Wilde and the 37-year-old comic was quizzed on the secret to maintaining a relationship. He believes life would be easier if men acknowledged that the opposite sex is far wiser.

“They know more about us than we do about them, and we should just accept that,” he replied.

As well as starring in We’re The Millers alongside Jennifer Aniston, Jason also appears in Mumford & Sons’ music promo for their new song Hopeless Wanderer.

He says the opportunity to feature in the video was “serendipity” after he happened to meet Sam Jones, who directed the hilarious clip.

Jason was joined by Ed Helms, Jason Bateman and Will Forte in the promo and the quartet had a great time shooting it.

“The four of us came together real fast, we shot it in one day,” he explained. “Sam had it all planned out in his head with the six different spots and I just sang my brains out the entire time.”

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