Simon Cowell won’t quit smoking

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell will have a “smoking room” when he becomes a father.

The music mogul and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman are expecting a boy, with the baby due to make an appearance in February.

Simon is a known cigarette devotee and had previously insisted he would be quitting before the tot arrived. However, after electronic cigarettes “didn’t work” for him the star is now making new plans.

“There are a lot of boring things that happen when you have a baby. [You have to get rid of] sharp edges, cigarettes, alcohol… then there’s [baby-proofing] the toilet. But I’ll have a smoking room!” he laughed to People.

Lauren is the ex-wife of one of Simon’s friends and was still with her husband when they got together. That meant the X Factor judge refused to speak about their romance in public as he didn’t want to cause even more upset.

They have now been seen together a lot, with Simon even asking Lauren’s opinions when he is judging the American singing contest.

“She is really interested [in The X Factor]. We work on some ideas together and it is good,” he explained. “She really gets into the song choices. She came up for a very good idea for [one of my acts,] Alex & Sierra, which I think they might do next week.”

Simon is thrilled about impending parenthood, but joked he’s even turned being a father into a competition.

“I was just texting with [One Direction’s] Louis Tomlinson last night because his mom is pregnant and is going to have the baby the same time as Lauren. So it’s like, who is going to go first? I think I am going to win,'” he laughed.

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