Simon Cowell ‘will never settle’

Simon Cowell will “never” settle down, it has been claimed.

The music mogul hit the headlines recently after it was alleged he has fathered a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman. Although Lauren is still married to Simon’s friend, Andrew Silverman, she is reportedly hoping to set up home with the TV star once her divorce is finalized. While Simon is prepared to have an active role when the baby arrives, he isn’t sure about committing to a serious relationship with Lauren.

“Of course the baby wasn’t planned. Everyone is shocked. He’s very fond of Lauren, and there’s no getting away from the fact that this is his child. But Simon will never settle… He gets bored very easily,” a source told British magazine Grazia. “Simon doesn’t have any idea how things will progress with Lauren. Although she would love to get married, a wedding is not on the cards. Simon has told her he is not ready to commit to that level.

“She’s still hopeful she has a future with Simon. Even if he never agrees to marry her, once the baby’s born, Lauren expects him to have a very different attitude to it than he does now.”

It has also been alleged that Simon and Lauren have been secretly hooking up for some time. According to insiders, their romance may even have been going on while Simon was engaged to his ex, makeup artist Mezhgan Hussainy.

“It’s been on and off for about five years,” claimed one friend. “Mezhgan didn’t like Lauren – obviously she had a sixth sense that something was going on. Those closest to Simon thought Lauren wanted more last year when she was photographed on the boat stroking and tickling him. Although they were never ‘officially together’, it was obvious something was happening because she was so tactile. She’d always want to sit next to Simon, or talk to him.

“Simon will do the right thing. He is extremely loyal. Although a lot of his inner circle aren’t keen on Lauren, he will look after her whether they are together or not.”

Simon has remained tight-lipped following the reports and is believed to have hired a lawyer to help him deal with the “crisis”.

Meanwhile, The X Factor mogul has topped a list of best paid personalities on US TV. According to Forbes, he earned an estimated $95 million last year. The X Factor is shown in 41 countries across the globe, while Simon’s Got Talent show is the biggest selling TV franchise in the world.

He has also raked in money from representing acts, including One Direction.

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