Sheen: Richards is a pig

Charlie Sheen thinks his ex-wife Denise Richards is a “pig”.

The 48-year-old Anger Management actor took to his Twitter account on Tuesday to diss Denise once again in an ongoing public family feud.

This time he referred to the mother of his two small children as a barnyard animal.

“hey denise I own the farm. yet you are only pig in the pen to sling mud bile & sh*te every inch your evil cloven hoofs trample. c #Oink (sic),” he tweeted.

According to Radar Online, Charlie wants Denise to move out of his neighborhood because his new girlfriend, ex-porn star Bret Rossi, is reportedly jealous of his relationship with the actress.

Following his first tirade against Denise, Charlie retweeted a message Bret posted on her account in which she shares her position on the dispute.

After presenting his lover’s message to his 10 million plus followers, Charlie then went on to express his foul sentiments towards Denise again.

“news flash yu media ho; the ENTIRE world hates yu! my Patek says so! c #PatekDontLie (sic),” he wrote attaching a picture of a compass with the name of international cities written on it.

Denise and Charlie reside in the same Mulholland Estates neighborhood in Los Angeles.

He owns the house Denise lives in with their daughters and Charlie apparently wants to evict his family from the residence.

“Charlie’s daughters, Sam and Lola go to school nearby. Brett wants Denise out of the neighborhood because she is insanely jealous of her,” a source told Radar previously.

“She complains that whenever she leaves the gated community, she is forced to drive by Denise’s house, and she just doesn’t like it. Charlie’s people told Denise he wants her out, and he didn’t tell her because they aren’t talking at the moment.”

Charlie began dating Bret a few months ago and they made their romance public around Thanksgiving time.

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