Sharon Stone not sexy in morning

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone had trouble landing parts as an attractive woman when her career began.

The 55-year-old actress says it took a while to create her image as a screen siren.

“People didn’t think I was sexy or pretty, and Chuck, my manager for 30 years, would call me up and say ‘You can’t get that movie because they don’t think that you are hot’,” she revealed to British newspaper the Daily Mirror.

“I’m such a bookworm – I’m always at home, shy, in my library, and it was like ‘Oh my God, what am I going to do?’ because I was always with big, black clothes and my glasses.”

It wasn’t until she graced a gentlemen’s magazine that she got erotic recognition.

The thespian, who currently stars in Lovelace with Amanda Seyfried, realized people would see her in a different way if she showed them her potential.

“Then my friend, Marilyn Grabowski, who was [photography] editor of Playboy, said, ‘You should do a Playboy spread’. She said, ‘If you tell people you are sexy they will think you are sexy, use your brain’,” Sharon admitted.

“And so we did this thing and people decided ‘Oh, she’s sexy’. Then I got endlessly cast in the sexy parts and that was fantastic because who doesn’t want to be gorgeous and hot and sexy?”

The mother-of-three has always felt like she tricked audiences into finding her attractive.

The blonde confesses she needs the help of a hair and make-up team to look good.

“People thought I was a sex symbol which to me is the most hilarious thing of all time,” she commented. “You should see me in the morning. It’s really not that hot, honestly.”

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