Sharon puked and pooped on Sheryl

Osbourne was sick in front of colleague.

Sharon Osbourne vomited on and pooped in front of her The Talk co-host.

The X Factor UK judge had two incidents where she embarrassed herself in front of Sheryl Underwood, the presenter remembers.

The 49-year-old comedian joked about her meeting with the 61-year-old TV personality as she interviewed for the job on the panel they shared.

“The Polo Lounge is a fantastic restaurant where all the movers and shakers go. So I go there and I’m going to meet Sharon Osbourne, I’m very excited,” she recalled to Us Weekly at a stand-up event. “I’m going to get breakfast, right. I order my huevos rancheros over easy. I cut the yolk and it starts oozing it out, I take the bread and sop it up like a biscuit. Sharon throws up on me.”

Sheryl ushered her out and packed her off into her own car and was thrilled to learn that she did the right thing when she was offered a job.

“Then I get home and it’s, ‘Welcome to CBS, you now have a job.'”

The funnywoman ended up meeting Sharon again at a barbecue held at fellow host Julie Chen’s house.

“On the other side of the party, Sharon Osbourne was telling the story of what happened after we separated,” she continued. “She said she had a flu bug. When she got in her car, she vomited all over the car and she s**t all over the car. I’m thinking, I am so glad I didn’t offer her a ride.”

Sheryl told the anecdote during a recent performance at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood and added to Us Weekly how nervous she was about hitting the stage.

“I’m scared to get on,” she said. “I’m going to be talking about the story of how I got this job. It is the entire story all the way down to the phone calls down to an event that happened to me with one of my co-hosts.”

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