Seth Rogen: I tip people off

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen tips the paparazzi off to promote his films.

The actor stars in Neighbors alongside movie hunk Zac Efron and also penned the script for the comedy about new parents who move in next to a boisterous fraternity.

It’s unlikely the star will need any help packing out the theatres, but Seth joked he has a handy trick up his sleeve if the flick needs more attention.

“I try to make sure there’s paparazzi around, because I know it’s good early promotion for the film,” he quipped to MTV News. “I know we’ll get a lot of hits online. Get the name out there. I call Jared… From Just Jared.”

Zac, 26, has been a heartthrob since his High School Musical Days and recently thrilled fans by going shirtless in That Awkward Moment.

Rather than let the Hollywood hottie take all the limelight, Seth has tried to get in on the action by also taking his top off.

“I’m shirtless more in the movie than I wish I was!” Seth laughed. “The ratio is off, the Zac to Seth shirtlessness. It’s like, one to one. That’s not what you want. It should be 50 to one!”

While Zac doesn’t need to worry about showing off his body, the star was nervous when he first showed up on set.

Very early on, the crew wanted to shoot him sans shirt in a popular store that is known for featuring muscly male models and the actor was reminded of nightmares he has of being topless in public.

“The second day of filming was Abercrombie & Fitch,” Zac recalled. “I was standing there going, ‘F**k, this is my nightmare. This is very well what could happen to me some day.’

“Real people were walking by, they were trying to get them into the store… Nobody was coming into the store!”

Zac is up for the best shirtless prize at the MTV Movie Awards on April 13 and faces competition from Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin.

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