Selena Gomez: Rumors are bull

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez says most reports about her personal life are “just bull”.

The 21-year-old star has dominated headlines since her break-up with on-and-off boyfriend Justin Bieber earlier this year and admits the constant gossip is unnerving.

“It does get to me. I’m a human and I feel those emotions of when people talk about you. It’s never a good feeling ‘cause half the time it’s just bull, it’s not real,” she told the New York Daily News.

The Come & Get It hitmaker claims tabloids often distort the truth and she finds herself wondering how her most innocent actions might be misconstrued.

Selena believes even daily chores can be warped for juicy headlines.

“In the real world I’ll drive my car to the grocery store and buy myself some food,” Selena explained.

“In the media world it’s like, ‘Oohhh, I drive my car to go somewhere secretive.’ It gets too clouded so I just have good people around me.”

Selena also opened up about her dating life.

The star has been romantically linked to Ed Sheeran and Union J’s George Shelley since her split from Justin, but admits finding a guy with honest intentions is tough.

“I’m very picky,” she said. “The hardest part [is] just trying to find someone that will just love the core person and not anything else around it.”

Selena is meanwhile trying to stay focused on her burgeoning career.

The star will hit cinemas this week in crime drama Getaway opposite Ethan Hawke and recently secured the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart for her new album, Stars Dance.

Selena booted Jay Z from number one and admits the achievement is surreal.

“It felt good, but I was still a little nervous because his following is very passionate and very committed. I did not think at all I’d get number one. It was such a crazy feeling and after four records having the fourth be number one… it felt like I tried all styles of music and kept going until I got my sound,” she said.

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