Sarandon: Children are a gift

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is looking forward to “rediscovering” the world with her grandchild.

The 67-year-old actress’ daughter Eva Amurri Martino is expecting her first child with husband Kyle Martino.

This will mark Susan becoming a grandmother for the first time and she can’t wait to be reminded of her youth with the new arrival.

“I am hoping they teach me, and hoping they remind me what it is like to start all over. I found as my kids got older that I had a lot of the answers, but I had forgotten the questions,” she told “When they are younger, the way that they see the world before they become completely socialized is such a gift. So I’m looking forward to rediscovering that.”

Susan is also excited to see how her daughter will react to being a new mother. Eva is Susan’s eldest daughter from her relationship with Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri in the mid 1980s.

The Thelma & Louise star believes the mom-to-be has the perfect environment to raise her new baby in.

“I am so looking forward to seeing my daughter open up to motherhood and be presented with all the possibilities, and see that enjoyment, and see all the ways that she can’t even imagine they will challenge her. If you can raise children that turn out to be people who you want to have dinner with, that’s great,” Susan smiled.

“I was ten years older [when I had her] than she will be when she has her baby. She is in a very different position and she also has a very good mate. The only thing you can’t be overqualified for is parenting and it takes every ounce of creativity and stamina and imagination to have fun at it.”

When asked if she had any advice for new mothers in general Susan was happy to share her words of wisdom.

“The only thing I will tell new mothers with their first child is don’t get out of your pajamas for at least a few a months. Don’t feel like you have to go visiting everybody under the sun with the baby. Just take it easy and sleep whenever the baby does,” she recommended.

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