Ruffalo: We strive for creativity

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo thinks that creativity is a completely unique act.

The rugged actor is currently starring as disgraced music producer Dan in Begin Again, a movie that explores love and music.

Keira Knightley takes on the role as singer/songwriter Greta who meets Dan just when she needs him.

“True creativity is something that happens completely uniquely, in a present moment and it cannot be duplicated because then it’s no longer… maybe it can be. But even the attempt is its own creative act,” Mark told British newspaper The Guardian.

“I think that we love creativity as human beings and we strive for it, we don’t realize all the time that that’s what we’re looking for in life, but I think it’s a big, big part of our happiness. And so when we see it happening on a profound level we respond very positively to it.”

In the movie Greta gets dumped by heartthrob Dave, played by Adam Levine, who suddenly makes it big in the music world.

Mark, 46, understands why people fall for those in the entertainment industry, especially the ones who have a devil may care attitude.

“I think probably the people that we love the most are those people who express themselves in an uncompromising fashion, to some degree.

“The trend sometimes as an artist is to try and copy somebody else’s thing, or try to guess what’s going to be popular. But nobody ever likes an artist because they’re like somebody else they like them because that artists is completely original and unto themselves. I think that’s a bad trap to fall into,” he added.

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