Regina’s raunchy scenes

Regina Hall

Regina Hall’s mom can’t cope with sex scenes.

The Scary Movie star appears in raunchy rom-com About Last Night alongside Kevin Hart.

She had to film several risqué scenes with her hunky co-star, which proved a bit much for her mother.

“I saw [the movie] once in Atlanta with an audience but my mother was one of the audience members,” Regina revealed to

“This is how my mom watched the movie. [Puts her head down.] Any scene we’re in the bed, she’s like this! So, I didn’t realize she’d have that reaction so I kept looking over and she would do this. And my mom’s got a dirty mouth, which is why we’re surprised that she had that reaction, but I have to watch it with a different audience than her.”

The film was released on romantic holiday February 14.

Regina and Kevin had great chemistry on set, which helped make the time spent off camera promoting the flick more fun.

“Regina has great energy,” he gushed. “In other words, to be around her, she’s fun. These days are brutal. Doing these days are brutal, but we’re having fun, ’cause we vibe off each other, we make each other laugh. On set, it was that times ten. So yes, we’re working… and then we sit down and we’re not rushing to our trailers or going to our space; we’re talking, we’re conversing.”

Regina, 43, also enjoyed spending time with her co-star.

Rather than get embarrassed like her mom, she understood the need for the raunchy parts.

“In terms of having sexy scenes I liked it, because it worked for the character as [opposed] to, ‘Ooh, I get to do it’. I felt like it was just a further expression of who Joan was,” she explained to

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