Reed: I never skip a meal

Nikki Reed

Nikki Reed can’t understand how people forget to eat.

The Twilight actress says there’s always time to chow down and can’t recall ever being so busy that she’s forgotten about food.

The svelte 25-year-old is a strict vegan, but confesses she hasn’t got the body confidence to wear skimpy outfits.

“I never skipped a meal. I can’t even recall a time when I’ve skipped a meal. I never understand when people say ‘I’m so busy, I forgot to eat today.’ It’s never happened. I always find time,” she laughed to OK! magazine.

“If I had more confidence, I would rock a crop top. Some beautiful, high-end designers are incorporating the crop top now, which is great. I love them on other people so much, I wish I could.”

Nikki isn’t afraid to give into food indulgences, and her husband Paul McDonald is happy to oblige with his wife’s sweet tooth.

While recently filming Texas, the actress found it hard to stick to her vegan diet, but Paul was on hand to help making sure she didn’t live off salad leaves.

“Sometimes it’s hard to eat in the South, so he had someone shop at a cool vegan place, and deliver my twenty favorite vegan snacks on my bed. It’s little things like that that let me know that he’s always thinking about me.

“He sends me macaroons, guacamole and stuff you can make on-the-go. Little things because when you don’t eat meat, then you have to be conscious of what you put in your body so you’re not just living off of lettuce,” she explained.

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