Rashida and Colin ‘dating’

Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is apparently dating Colin Jost because he’s “funny”.

The Parks and Recreation star was first spotted with the Saturday Night Live comedian earlier this month, as they linked arms while out and about in New York.

Apparently the pair started the relationship thanks to Colin’s great sense of humor.

“She’s known him for a while,” a source told Us Weekly.

“Rashida is into him. She likes that he’s funny.”

The pair looked comfortable together as they strolled around the city at the beginning of the month.

Rashida wore a relaxed outfit consisting of a denim jacket, patterned top and black trousers, while Colin donned a checked shirt and blue jeans.

The actress, 37, previously spoke out about what she looks for in a man.

An ability to crack jokes has always been at the top of her list.

“He doesn’t have to laugh at my jokes. He has to make me laugh,” she explained to TV personality Piers Morgan in 2011.

Rashida has previously been linked to famous men such as John Krasinski and Mark Ronson.

While she may have some dating experience under her belt, love splits haven’t got any easier for the pretty brunette.

“I’m no better at breakups,” she admitted to Movieline last year.

“I haven’t gotten any stronger, I just try to learn my lesson in a way where I don’t have to re-learn it, and that’s the only thing I can do. It gets a little better every time I get out of a relationship; I know I’m never going to do that thing again.”

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