Pedro Pascal in love with his GoT character

Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal finds his Game of Thrones character “delicious”.

The 39-year-old actor portrays Oberyn Martell in the popular fantasy series, which is currently in its fourth season.

Pedro doesn’t think he would have been able to take on the role as easily if he hadn’t been so utterly caught up in it.

“I love the character. I fell in love with the character and maybe that helped me play him. The first thing that helped me identify with him was actually a love for him,” he gushed to Access Hollywood.

“I found him very delicious. I also found him very, very honorable and very progressive and just an all-around badass, not because he’s a great fighter and because he likes to f**k everything that moves, but because he has morals that I identify with.”

Pedro added that he finds it very hard to “detach” himself from the storylines.

Game of Thrones has a huge following and has already scored several Emmy awards. The show’s star Peter Dinklage also took home a Golden Globe in 2012.

Pedro has received a great deal of praise for his portrayal and sometimes can’t believe how many people he’s touched with his acting.

“It’s very moving for me. It makes me emotional,” he smiled.

Game of Thrones is known for its intense fight scenes, which Pascal had special training for. He joked that he wouldn’t be good in a trial by combat situation in real life.

“That’s a good question. Does it actually have to be a fight to the death?” he mused to Vulture when asked who he would choose as his champion.

“I think because I’m a control freak, I might have to step in myself! If anyone’s going to f**k this up, it had better be me. [Laughs] I’d only have myself to blame. And if it’s to death, I won’t give a sh*t — I’d be dead anyway!”

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