Paris Hilton told to be ‘ditzy rich girl’

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s producers told her to be the “ditzy blonde girl”.

The hotel heiress, 32, rose to fame thanks to popular TV series The Simple Life, which followed her ups and downs with best friend Nicole Richie.

While the two socialites had very distinct personalities on the show, Paris insists it wasn’t by choice.

“When we did that show, it was the first reality show. I had never seen a reality show.

“I’d never been on camera in my life. I didn’t really know what to do. The producers told Nicole and I, ‘Nicole you be the troublemaker and Paris you be the ditzy blonde rich girl,'” she confessed to British newspaper The Metro.

“I tried to play the character of Cher from Clueless mixed with Eva Gabor from the Green Acres show – that character. I didn’t realize I would end up doing the show for five years and doing that character for five years.”

The Simple Life focused on Paris and Nicole’s inability to hold down a proper job and their life of luxury.

However, the star claims it was all just show and that she actually puts in hard graft.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about me because people know me from Simple Life. They didn’t understand that I was acting and I was being a character so they assume I’m a complete airhead and a lot of people think, ‘Oh she’s a Hilton, she doesn’t have to work’ and that’s not true,” she argued.

“Everything I have ever gotten has been on my own. I’ve worked very hard and nothing has been handed to me. It’s all been me, focusing and working hard ever since I was a teenager and that’s how I’ve done this… A lot of people don’t realize I have a big heart. People don’t know who I am unless they meet me. Meeting people, they always go, ‘Wow, you’re so different to how I thought.'”

Since The Simple Life ended in 2007 Paris has dabbled with a career in music and is enjoying a relationship with model River Viiperi, 22.

While TV may have launched her career, she’s in no rush to return to the small screen.

“It’s not really a priority in my life,” she shrugged.

“Every single day you get 19 different calls from ten different networks pitching you different ideas and begging you to come back to television and nothing has really excited me. I haven’t the time for it right now.”

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