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Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge 6/15/15

At 7:35am we play Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge, your chance at winning $100 of Chelsie’s money. We have 5 pop culture questions. If you can get more right than Chelsie, you’ll win $100. Ties go to Chelsie. See if you can answer the questions? Here is how Michelle did today… Here are the questions from today. MONDAY 6/15 1) ACTRESS ... Read More »

B105 Salute 6/15/15

Teachers, Camp Counselors or any youth groups please record your group, it’s pretty simple. Just use your smartphone to record them doing the Pledge of Allegiance and email it to use at Be sure to record an introduction and maybe give a little shout out to the troops at the end. Read More »