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Pound This Podcast: Gut Health With Kroger Dietitian Amelia Noel

Amelia Noel is a clinical dietitian for Kroger, in this episode we discuss gut health! -What does gut health mean? -What supports good gut health? -What is leaky gut? How do you know if you have it? How do you fix it? -Are probiotic supplements good? Which ones? Does it matter which probiotic you buy? -What do things like bone broth & ... Read More »

Big Dave Phone Hack on the 20’s: Pony Keg From The Party Pantry

“Is this the Party Pantry with the Pony Kegs or did that go out of Bidness? And stick around for a special Bill Murray Edition of Chelsie’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge FRIDAY 09/21 THE BILL MURRAY 68TH BIRTHDAY EDITION. NAME THE CHARACTERS HE PLAYED OR VOICED IN THESE MOVIES… 1) GARFIELD: THE MOVIE? (GARFIELD) 2) GHOSTBUSTER? (DR. PETER VENKMAN) 3) ... Read More »

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