Ozzy angered by counseling

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne gave up on marriage counseling because it made him too angry.

The couple have been married for 31 years but experienced problems earlier in 2013 after Ozzy relapsed. He has battled an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs and began abusing them again, without his family knowing.

There were rumored to have separated, with Sharon now explaining they sought professional help to get their relationship back on track.

“It was something we’d never tried before,” she told British magazine Hello! “But actually, it just made Ozzy angry. We gave it a go, but it wasn’t for us. What we’ve done we’ve done together and with the help of our family.”

The couple’s children Kelly and Jack have both battled addiction and Sharon turned to Jack for help understanding her husband’s issues.

In April, Ozzy wrote a post on Facebook in which he admitted drinking and abusing prescription medication for the last 18 months.

“It’s been one hell of a year again,” he told Hello! “I look back and think, ‘Thank God, we made it.’ [My alcohol addiction is] cunning, powerful and baffling [and] like having a head full of other people.

“It’s like playing truth or dare with yourself and it always ends up in a bad place, always.”

In his online post, Ozzy apologized to Sharon and their children, with Sharon later admitting she’d had no idea about the extent of his relapse. She even sold all his cars, which acted as a wake-up call for the 65-year-old star.

“But the best thing is, this Christmas Ozzy will be ten months sober, which is fantastic,” Sharon explained.

The pair will be celebrating the festive period at their mansion in Buckinghamshire, UK, this year. They are looking forward to spending some together, following Sharon’s busy year as a host on US TV show The Talk and a judge on the British version of The X Factor.

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