Mulligan’s moody face

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan wants to fight against her “sad resting face”.

The British actress scored the role of Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s hit adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

While her talent and ethereal looks might help her out in the industry, the 28-year-old worries she might need to work on her facial expressions.

“I can’t help what my face looks like!” she laughed to German magazine Neon.

“There’s this expression, ‘resting face’. It’s the face that you have when you’re not showing any kind of emotion. A neutral face. I’m working with Danish director Thomas Vinterberg and he keeps saying, ‘You look so sad! Don’t look so sad!’ Maybe I need to fight against my resting face every now and again. Sometimes it works for my character, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Carey is married to 26-year-old Marcus Mumford, the lead singer of popular indie folk band Mumford & Sons.

In the past she’s claimed her beau is constantly stopped when out and about, while his fans pay very little attention to her.

She thinks her facial expressions might have something to do with her ability to disappear.

“I don’t just have a sad face, but a formable one,” she mused.

“I never get recognized on the street. I can walk around Soho without getting bothered once. As soon as you change my hairstyle, I look like a different person.”

It’s a good job the actress is very rarely hounded by fans.

In the past she’s admitted having her picture taken is one of the worst parts of her job.

“I don’t like photos. I used to be much worse on the red carpet. I’d just sort of stand there. By the time I’d got to the end I’d be in tears,” she revealed.

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