Michael ‘scared of LiLo’s book’

Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan is reportedly concerned about Lindsay’s rumored tell-all book.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is set to write a book on her life that will spill the beans on her arrests, drug abuse and family.

Apparently Michael is worried his ex-wife and Lindsay’s mother Dina will ‘feed’ her scandalous stories to include in the tome.

But Michael, who already has a gag order placed on Dina, has allegedly sent his ex-wife a letter making sure she keeps this in mind when helping Lindsay research her memoir.

“Michael’s lawyer just sent a threatening letter to Dina, reminding her about the gag order which was imposed in their divorce… the gag order which states, ‘The wife shall not, directly or indirectly, publish, or cause to be published, any diary, memoir, letter, story’ involving her marriage to Michael,” reported TMZ.

Lindsay’s idea for a book apparently came to her after the actress wrote a series of journal entries while in rehab, as part of her recovery.

The 27-year-old has had six stints in rehabilitation centers over the years, dating back to 2007, as well as numerous run-ins with the law.

Last week she reportedly met with literary agency Waxman Leavell in New York to discuss the possibility of a deal.

The Lohans’ family feuds have been well documented, and Michael and Dina have a frosty relationship.

He’s delayed the release of Dina’s planned tell-all memoir, by demanding to read a full copy of the manuscript before it’s published.

Despite family tensions, the father-of-six has leapt to the defense of his daughter over her alleged involvement with the attack on Barron Hilton, the younger brother of Paris.

“Barron has been in trouble in the past, this isn’t the first time. He has had a lot of issues himself. I heard he was involved in a fight about three years ago with someone that he was accused of beating up,” he recently told RadarOnline.

“I have no doubt that he was the instigator and pointed the finger at Lindsay.”

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