Michael Jackson’s ex breaks down in court

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe sobbed while testifying.

The late King of Pop passed away from acute propofol intoxication in 2009 at the age of 50.

Debbie, the mother to two of Michael’s three children, took the stand on Wednesday in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the Jackson family against concert promoter AEG Live. The musical brood claim the company is to blame for Michael’s death, as they negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray, the former physician who is in jail for the star’s manslaughter.

Michael’s former spouse claimed he was subject to medical malpractice all the time.

“Doctors constantly tried to outdo each other by giving Jackson the ‘better’ drugs … a competition that fuelled his deadly drug addiction,” TMZ reports.

Surprisingly Debbie didn’t initially blame Dr. Conrad for Michael’s demise while on the witness stand.

Instead she alleged Dr. Arnie Klein and Dr. Steven Hoefflin “consistently tried to one-up the other by giving MJ increasingly stronger doses of painkillers”, according to the website. Debbie thinks the doctors are “idiots” for playing ego games with each other rather than looking out for their patient’s best interest.

Later she did acknowledge Dr. Conrad for being the man who finally “got in there and killed him”.

Debbie believes Michael’s drug use became so out of control because his threshold for pain was very limited. The star’s low tolerance for discomfort led him to abusing painkillers like Demerol and Diprivan.

Testimony on this trial is likely to continue until September.

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