McGowan’s message to ‘dumb people’

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan has sent a direct message to the “dumb people of the world”.

The 40-year-old Once Upon a Time actress tweeted a photo of Kim Kardashian last week perched on a car wearing a pink velour tracksuit, which is outdated in many fashion circles.

Rose wrote in the accompanying image caption: “And a big farewell to hideous terry & velour Juicy Couture. Conspicuous consumption never ends well”.

Many outlets reported Rose took a swipe at Kim with this micro-blogging message and the actress took to Twitter on Tuesday to clear up any confusion about the situation.

“Dumb people of the world- I did not put Kim Kardashian down, I put the velour trash pants down. #LeFuckingDuh,” she wrote to fans.

It appears Kim agreed with her, as the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star responded quickly to the original tracksuit tweet last Thursday with a friendly: “I miss you boo.”

Rose made it even more clear there was no enmity present between them. In response to a fan who wrote, “you should never have to apologize to dumb people”, the actress stated: “Not apologizing, I am correcting them”.

The former Charmed actress, who married artist Davey Detail last October, had other things things on her mind this week.

Apparently Rose has been in deep contemplation about her appearance of late.

“Someone just said I look like a cross between Bjork & Elizabeth Taylor. I think I just figured out who I’ve been reminding myself of,” she mused on the social networking site.

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