Maya Rudolph’s ‘embarrassing Obama moment’

Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph says performing in front of President Barack Obama was “pure poop”.

The star dressed up as the commander in chief for a Saturday Night Live a while back.

President Obama was actually physically present while Maya performed an impression of him for the scene, but the funnywoman wishes he didn’t witness the act at all.

“It was like a white-hot blur. It was really bad. It was a piece that aired but I just got cut out of it,” she recalled to Entertainment Weekly with a laugh.

“It was the Halloween [episode] where Amy [Poehler] was Hillary [Clinton] and Darrell [Hammond] was Bill, and I came in as Obama, like, ‘Hey guys!’ and then the real Obama went tap-tap-tap, ‘I’m the real Obama,’ and took off his Obama mask. So they just cut me out and had him do it… It was pure poop. It was terrible.”

But apparently President Obama had a good humor about the whole situation and did everything he could to make Maya comfortable.

“So I was standing there and then I turned around and he was waiting to go on — and he’s really tall and lean — and was looking down at me,” she detailed.

“And I said, knowing that I looked awful, ‘Well, how do I look?’ and he said, ‘I don’t wear a three-button suit.’ And that was it. But he was so funny about it. He was pretty awesome.”

Maya is currently promoting her new TV program The Maya Rudolph Show, a variety special that airs on May 19.

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