Matt LeBlanc recalls bar brawls

Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc has been “sucker-punched” in bars.

The 46-year-old is best known for playing Joey Tribbiani in Friends from 1994 to 2004. His character was popular, but at the height of his success he would often get approached by people in bars looking for a fight.

“I got into fights as a teenager and I’ve been sucker-punched in bars,” Matt told the British edition of Esquire magazine. “Some guy’s girlfriend will say, ‘Oh, there’s Joey from Friends’. Then the guy has to come over and prove himself by smacking me in the mouth.”

Despite it being a decade since the final episode, Friends is still an extremely popular programme, with new fans appearing all the time. However, with so much time having passed, being recognized for playing Joey is starting to make him feel old.

“I mean, it’s on all the time. Now there’s a younger generation that’s getting introduced to it,” he said. “They’ll come up and say, ‘You’re Joey! You’re so old!’ That’s a little unkind, but they were just watching it and I was 26. Now my hair’s grey…”

Matt still enjoys acting and won a Golden Globe for his performance in Episodes. But he definitely doesn’t see himself as a workaholic and prioritizes his daughter, who he has with ex-wife Melissa McKnight.

“I like being a dad,” he explained. “Right now my daughter [Marina] is ten years old; she’s still a little girl and she wants me around. She’s going to be a teenager soon and tell me to go f**k myself. Then maybe I’ll work more.”

But for now, Matt enjoys being a father. He admits that parenthood has changed his perspective on a lot of things.

“I learned that I could function on less sleep; I never realized how patient I could be; I never realized that I had the capacity to love another person as much as I love her,” he said. “It’s a very primal thing.”

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