Manganiello: Booze ruined life

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello was once a “ticking time bomb”.

The 36-year-old True Blood hunk reveals he had a problem with alcohol in his youth.

And the star says his relocation to Los Angeles from his hometown of Pittsburgh didn’t initially inspire him to abstain from booze.

“[I was a] ticking time bomb. I was a drinking long before I moved to LA. When you’re young and you are successful at a young age, and you have negative habits, the success validates in your mind everything you’re doing across the board,” he told Muscle & Fitness magazine.

The star confessed he “was pretty lost” before a shocking event turned his life around.

Joe recalls a dark time when drinking got him kicked out on the street.

“Well, I think the sheriffs department shook me. They knocked on my door and gave me five minutes to collect my belongings before they changed the locks on me,” he recalled.

“My car got impounded and auctioned off. It wasn’t one thing necessarily, but a whole bunch of things.”

Joe says he was able to see the true damaging nature of his behavior when he received this reality check.

In that moment of enlightenment the sexy thespian pledged to take on a clean and healthy lifestyle.

“I was at a place where I needed to quit drinking. My life was in ruins and I needed to start walking my way back out of those ruins,” he recalled.

“There was no gun to my head, nobody forced me to do any of this. It was basically at 33 years old, what do you want the rest of your life to look like? Do you want to know what you’re capable of or not? And I used it as my motivator.”

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