Lowe laments fame

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe thinks fame isn’t “natural”.

The actor is best known for appearing in shows such as The West Wing and Brothers & Sisters as well as several big-screen turns, including Behind the Candelabra.

When he first started out in the industry he used to party with Charlie Sheen, but the 49-year-old is pleased he stopped before he fell off the wagon.

“Fame is not a natural condition for human beings,” he mused to British newspaper The Telegraph. “And there is no chemotherapy for fame. If you get it young, like I did, as an 18-year-old… well… I have an 18-year-old, and I cannot imagine him in the situations I was in.

“I am lucky I got through it; a lot of people just don’t.

“You can’t drink yourself to death, you can’t burn yourself out on drugs, you can’t go crazy or let the business eat you up.”

Rob has now settled down with wife Sheryl Berkoff and together they have two sons.

He appears alongside Ginnifer Goodwin as former US President John F. Kennedy in Killing Kennedy and is amused by some of the little things he uncovered about the late politician.

“I was always surprised that Kennedy didn’t have more of a happening, Don Draper-type thing going on,” he revealed.

“His pocket-square in his suit was always sticking out and looked sort of smashed. I always thought: ‘Dude, you’re the president, have someone make you look tight.’

“But then I realized from watching hours and hours of footage, that he used reading glasses, always. He was rarely photographed in them though – he thought they made him look old – and he kept them in his top pocket.

“It jammed his pocket square down, so you always saw him with just this tiny bit of fabric.”

Rob was able to identify with the former president in many ways, claiming they are both “optimists”.

He also tried to understand John’s complex relationship with wife Jacqueline and his many affairs.

“It is a matter of record that they had a very complicated marriage. And, like any marriage, none of us can really know what that was; we can’t get inside that,” he said. “But I also know that it was not a marriage of convenience; they were the great loves of each other’s lives.”

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