LiLo turns Broke Girl

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has landed a guest spot on 2 Broke Girls.

The actress has been working hard since leaving rehab in August last year after a 90-day court ordered stay.

As well as filming a revealing documentary for Oprah Winfrey’s OWN channel, the Mean Girls star has now confirmed she will be appearing on the comedy programme.

“#2BROKEGIRLS & A “MEAN” ONE: Its true!! Excited to be back on set and work w/ @officialkat and @bethbehrs @cbs (sic),” she posted on Twitter.

2 Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs and Lindsay, 27, will play an indecisive bride-to-be called Claire Guinness.

She asks Kat and Beth’s characters, Max and Caroline, to make her wedding cake, which turns out not to be an easy task.

The episode is set to debut on CBS in the US on April 14.

This weekend marks the first installment of Lindsay’s eight-part docu-series for Oprah, who has been acting as the star’s mentor since she left rehab.

A trailer for the documentary was recently revealed, showing Lindsay candidly speaking about life since leaving the facility.

”I don’t want them following me to an AA [alcoholics anonymous] meeting,” she says of the cameras trained on her.

Breaking down as she talks to a friend, she adds that she feels like a prisoner “all the time”.

In the past she’s been known for her wild child ways, but the actress used the clip as an opportunity to show she’s no longer interested in that lifestyle.

”There’s nothing left in a having a drink for me. What’s left in that feeling? Nothing. There’s no party that I haven’t gone to, there’s no person I haven’t hung out with. There’s no situation I haven’t been exposed to,” she admits in the trailer.

Lindsay will appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon tonight and her documentary will premiere on Sunday, March 9.

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