LiLo ‘confident with progress’

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan reportedly has her “addictive personality” under control.

The 27-year-old star entered rehab for the sixth time last year to be treated for alcohol and drug abuse. She is living in New York to be closer to her mother Dina Lohan for support.

Since her 90-day stint in a treatment facility, Lindsay is said to be determined to curb her reckless behavior.

“Lindsay is still attending regular AA meetings and support groups and has continued to do a lot of reading since her last stint in rehab, where she became extremely spiritual,” a source told British magazine Closer. “She still likes to go to parties but says her addictive personality is under control.”

Lindsay’s struggles have been documented in a new reality show, which started this week on Oprah Winfrey’s TV channel OWN. The program also features the talk show host as she helps the star get her life back on track.

“Lindsay knows she’s going to receive criticism [on the show], but she wants to prove that she can stay on track,” the source added.

The flame-haired actress recently admitted she had her reservations about the program. She knew that it would make drama the main focus, but hopes her fans will see through that.

“I have seen nothing, it is really interesting as I kept hearing my name [on trailers] and I get really uncomfortable with it,” Lindsay told talk show host Jimmy Fallon before her program aired.

“It is a television show so they want ratings – they picked the first two months after I got back to New York after I had been in treatment. I became really spiritual over this past year and I have been trying to find peace and serenity in my life. So of course they take the chaos of me moving after eight years of living in LA back to the city of New York. So it’s like, ‘Oprah reprimands Lindsay!'”

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