Liam Hemsworth: Lawrence hasn’t changed

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth is impressed by how levelheaded Jennifer Lawrence remains in the wake of her ample success.

The pair star together in The Hunger Games movie franchise and they are currently promoting the second series installment titled Catching Fire.

Jennifer won an Academy Award for her work in romantic comedy Silver Linings Playbook this year and is now considered to be one of the top actresses in Hollywood.

Liam is surprised that she remains the same fun woman she was when they met on The Hunger Games set three years ago.

“Nothing has gone to her head over the last few years,” he told Good Morning America.

“You wouldn’t even know [she was so successful].”

Liam appreciates the fond memories he shares with Jennifer.

The star is glad that the fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle hasn’t changed her attitude.

“When I first met her she was full of life and brings such a great energy to set,” he noted. “When you’re shooting the tough stuff like the themes in the Hunger Games, it can be a little dark and she’s got that great energy about her and she’s still that way.”

Jennifer recently gushed about how much fun The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast had while shooting the sequel.

She Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam had such a good time it didn’t even appear like they were working after a while.

“It’s amazing that we get any work done, zero professionalism,” she laughed to MTV News at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego.

Catching Fire will reach theatres in November.

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