Lena Dunham’s food harassment

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has joked that she’s sued one of her Girls writers for harassment.

The witty actress is well known for her funny tweets, and often allows her Twitter followers a glimpse into her A-list life.

She took to her social media account earlier to joke that Paul Simms, a respected television writer who has penned episodes of Late Night with David Letterman and Boardwalk Empire, had twice been sued by her.

“Tonight’s episode of @girlsHBO was written by @paulsimms who I have sued twice for various forms of harassment but won’t go away.

“It was directed by Jamie Babbit the genius behind the formative indie classic But I’m A Cheerleader,” she posted to her 1.3million followers.

“Btw the ways in which @paulsimms harassed me were mostly food related. He was also an intellectual bully. I love him so much (sic).”

Lena is currently starring in the third season of the Golden Globe winning show.

As well as playing Hannah, one of the lead characters in the program about four twenty-something women navigating their lives in New York City, she also acts as co-writer and co-producer on the show.

The series has made stars out of the lead actresses, and helped secure Lena’s status as an icon for a new generation.

She appeared on the front cover of Vogue America for their February issue, and the magazine hailed her as the new queen of comedy.

Jenna Lyons, the creative director at J. Crew, made a guest appearance in last night’s episode and gushed about Lena.

“I’m probably Lena Dunham’s biggest fan, from the moment I saw Tiny Furniture, and I followed her. She is probably one of the most groundbreaking women of today. What’s so interesting and incredible is that the girl is 27 years old. She’s in her third season of an award-winning show. I’m feeling really not so great about myself!” Jenna laughed to The Cut.

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