Lena Dunham: Fans buried in Bass despair

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham fears there are hordes of girls buried in a “pit of ice cream” after hearing Lance Bass is engaged.

The ‘N Sync star confirmed he is to marry his boyfriend Michael Turchin yesterday, sharing the news via a picture on Instagram.

Lena is concerned the news will have sent many of the boyband star’s female fans into a tailspin.

“Feel like there are tons of girls in a pit of ice cream & despair going ‘Lance Bass got engaged before me!?’ (sic),” she joked on Twitter.

‘N Sync are back in the limelight after they reunited to support Justin Timberlake at the recent MTV Video Music Awards. He received the Vanguard prize at the ceremony thanks to his lengthy music career and persuaded his old bandmates Lance, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick to reunite for a one-off performance.

Their rendition of hits such as Bye Bye Bye went down a storm with the audience, with stars including Lady Gaga spotted excitedly watching.

Lena enjoys ruminating on different topics on Twitter and also turned her attention to today’s US Labor Day holiday. While the 27-year-old star’s Girls character Hannah isn’t known for her fashion hits, the actress proved she has some sartorial know-how.

“If you wear a baseball cap to indicate that it’s a holiday weekend then we are different sorts of ladies #respect #ittakesallkinds (sic),” she wrote.

It’s unknown how Lena will be spending the annual holiday, but she might come up against some issues if she’s with her family. The star used the social networking site to poke fun at her sibling over the weekend.

“Little sister is going through that phase where she acts like she genuinely enjoys music without a melody. We’ve all been there, kid,” she wrote.

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