Lance wants unique wedding

Lance Bass

Lance Bass has revealed that he wants his wedding to be “high fashion”.

The former ‘NYNC member and fiancé Michael Turchin’s big day is still a year away, but it’s never too quick to begin thinking about the ceremony.

He has confessed he already knows just what kind of wedding would be perfect and is busy with the plans.

“There are a few wedding plans,” Lance tells People magazine. “We’re doing it probably next fall.”

Because gay weddings are still a new thing, Lance is having to do a lot of research into what would be best for everyone. The singer wants to have a day to remember, and is determined to get it right.

“It’s interesting because there’s so many traditions that have just not been set yet for gay weddings,” he explained. “So when we’re starting to plan we’re like, ‘Well, what is the dress attire?’

“We’ll definitely be wearing tuxedos. We got to be looking fly in our tuxedos. It will definitely be an event that will be high fashion,” he said.

Lance and Michael also put just as much effort into choosing their rings, picking out very stylish David Yurman pieces for last month’s proposal.

Lance revealed that the ring he used to propose in New Orleans “was just for the moment.”

“Both of us picked them out together. We were down in New Orleans and it was last-minute. I ran from lunch one day and got a ring that we’re not even using any more,” he said.

The 34-year-old posted a picture of the rings on Instagram, saying, “I’m really excited about them.”

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