Knoxville: I’m an artist

Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville thinks persuading people to be in a prank movie is an “art”.

The daredevil is currently promoting Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, a comedy film which plays on the reactions of people who don’t realize they’re being filmed.

In order to show the unsuspecting strangers’ reactions they need permission, which isn’t always easy to get.

“We always have to get their [signed] releases after it, that’s an art!” he exclaimed to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

“I go and then these people go in. You don’t want to be too patronizing. If they’re angry and then they sense that you’re patronizing them… You gotta kind of read them and see what mood they’re in, if they’re in shock or angry or happy, you have to read them. Worst case scenario, if they’re too angry and don’t wanna sign, then we give them some time and throw some money at it if it’s a one of a kind reaction.”

One outrageous scene in the comedy features Johnny pretending to have sexual relations with a vending machine.

It was such a crazy idea that he didn’t expect anyone to believe what they were seeing.

“We had the prosthetic penis and the vending machine and the gas station, it was so outrageous you think no one’s gonna buy it, but everyone bought it!” he laughed.

“When people see something so outrageous, they become emotional and irrational and then everything in their mind is true.”

While many of the scenes filmed were funny, Johnny explained they couldn’t use them all as they didn’t fit in with the storyline.

Instead there will be a spin-off DVD featuring all the best outtakes.

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