Kirstie Alley: I think like a child

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley admits she is “trying to think more childlike” to stay positive.

The 63-year-old Cheers actress shares two children with her ex-husband Parker Stevenson.

Kirstie believes being in the company of youth is invigorating because she is often inspired to take action around young folks.

“If anything is within a three-mile radius, I’ve started riding my bike. I’ve been grabbing my kids and asking, ‘Who wants to ride with me to the store?’ and they will. I’m trying to think more childlike,” she told Closer magazine.

Kirstie has been very vocal about her battle with maintaining a healthy weight for several years now and she was even spokesperson for diet company Jenny Craig from 2005-2008.

The star is now comfortable with her body and she attributes her newfound self-confidence to establishing a more constructive frame of mind.

“I’ve learned to look at the things that are right and stop looking at things that are wrong,” Kirstie explained.

The actress is well aware of the pressure to look perfect all the time in Hollywood.

And she is convinced there a gender-based double standard exists in the entertainment industry.

“Male actors go up and down in weight all the time, and nobody makes an issue of it,” she said.

“This time around I’m lucky I don’t have this massive amount of weight to lose.”

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