Kings of Leon calm down

Kings of Leon

Kings of Leon “pick hangovers more carefully” since returning to music.

Although split rumours surrounded the band for years, the musicians insist their time away from the spotlight has calmed them. Although they might not go out every night, they still know how to have fun and relax.

“There are no black eyes, I still have all my teeth,” drummer Nathan Followill joked to British magazine Q.

“This arrangement works for us. Everyone’s happy. And we still party. Just that now I’m a daddy, I have to pick my hangovers more carefully.”

Frontman Caleb Followill decided to quit drinking for a year following the band’s hiatus.

His drinking had become so heavy that he needed steroid shots before going on stage to help him sing.

In July 2011 he walked off stage complaining of voice problems, which led audiences to speculate that he was too drunk to go on.

This led to the band taking a rest, which all agree was much needed.

“Time at Giovaani’s [Italian restaurant] with JD or at home with my wife or walking down the West Side Highway in New York alone to play mini golf. Man that was all the therapy I needed,” Caleb admits.

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