Kimye best friends

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian says Kanye West is all a girl needs.

The reality TV star is currently engaged to the rapper and they have daughter North, who was born in June, together.

Kanye is known for his eccentric personality and giving candid interviews, but the 33-year-old insists he’s very different around her.

“i love the kanye you guys probably dont see so often. he always makes me feel safe and protected. we are best friends. thats all a girl would need forever (sic),” she answered a fan who asked what she loves most about her fiancĂ© during a Twitter Q&A.

Kim also revealed her favorite things about North, listing the tot’s “baby smell” and her laugh.

Kim stars in reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which sees cameras record her family’s every move.

Since being a mother Kim feels more wary of being in the spotlight, explaining to a fan the moment when she started seeing the paparazzi as intrusive.

“Hi doll! When I got pregnant it all changed. I saw it all so differently. But still its my life so can’t let it get to you too much and get back to being fun and respectful (sic),” she wrote.

Kim has worked hard to get her figure back into shape after pregnancy and is enjoying being in front of the cameras again.

However, her focus is now her family and the brunette revealed that in ten years’ time she’d love to be raising three kids with Kanye.

She also said that North would be going to school when she’s old enough, rather than opting for home education.

One follower was keen to know how Kim stays grounded when there is so much attention around her.

“you have to stay humble, no matter what, as easily as its given to you, it can be taken away, always be greatful for the opppotunitits that come your way (sic),” Kim advised.

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