Kidman educates kids in desert

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is taking her daughters on set for her next movie as an “education”.

The 46-year-old actress is to play Gertrude Bell in Werner Herzog’s upcoming movie Queen of the Desert.

For this project Nicole will be shooting in the desert to capture the story of the real-life writer, traveler, political officer, administrator, archaeologist and spy.

Not wanting to leave her family behind, Nicole plans to take her youngest children with her as a fun and enlightening trip.

Nicole has adopted son and daughter Connor and Isabella with ex-husband Tom Cruise as well as biological daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret with current spouse Keith Urban.

“[The shoot will be] a couple of months, so I’ll be taking my little girls as part of their education. So we’ll take lots of sunblock and give them a chance to experience different cultures,” she told

“In years to come they’ll be able to say: ‘When I was three, I was in the desert with my mother.’ When I explained that they’ll be riding camels and living in tents, their eyes lit up.”

Nicole has embodied a variety of characters over the years, from a burlesque performer in Moulin Rouge! to her role as the wife of a former World War II British office in The Railway Man.

When picking her jobs, the Australian star finds herself more interested in those that are challenging.

“As an actor timing is important, especially as a mother with small children, so a lot is chance. I try never to be governed by fear; that’s how I choose things,” she added. “If I ever feel that this is dangerous or I’m scared of it, then that probably draws me more towards it.”

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