Keira to swap movies for muffins?

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley sometimes wonders if she should give up fame to bake cakes.

With a career spanning 20 years, the 28-year-old can sometimes crave normality, especially when the movies she stars in are panned by critics.

However, the actress says this will only ever be a fantasy as in reality her baking skills aren’t up to scratch.

“It depends on the shop!” she laughed to British newspaper Metro when asked if she’d ever give up acting to work in a store.

“I have days when I go to those great independent stores or coffee shops and you’re like, ‘This looks amazing, maybe I could bake cakes and have amazing coffee all day and meet interesting people.’ But I don’t think I’d be any good at it. Because my cakes aren’t that good.”

Currently starring in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit alongside Chris Pine and Kevin Costner, Keira said she chose the project to vary her career, which often includes heavy dramas.

The action thriller also stars Kenneth Branagh, who took on the job as director too. Working with the British star was an honor for Keira, who was intrigued to see how he would both act and direct.

Her favourite onscreen moments were scenes where the pair engaged in some flirting.

“He’s a complete sweetheart, so they were probably the most fun scenes. I was so interested in working with an actor-director.

“It’s been death, doom and destruction for about five years. I thought I’d like to do something different,” she explained.

With numerous projects in the pipeline, Keira has just got back from this year’s Sundance Film Festival in Utah, where she was on promotional duties for drama Laggies.

She’s also starring alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in a film about World War II code cracker Alan Turing, The Imitation Game, later this year.

With a busy schedule and a love for her craft, Keira isn’t ready to give up her acting career just yet, which she describes as being “like a drug” at times.

“Trying to get inside somebody’s head [is what I love about acting]. For a second between action and cut, there will be a couple of times where it’s absolutely real. That’s like the drug, the moment where those words are completely your own. It’s magic. If it’s going well, you get it twice a day; if it’s not, you don’t get it at all,” she explained.

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