Keira: I need stress

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley gets “lazy” if there’s no pressure on her.

The British actress has been keeping herself busy with films, her latest being action thriller Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

While it might seem like she’s always working hard, the 28-year-old admits that she needs a hectic schedule to keep her motivated.

“I need stress,” she admitted to

“It’s the only thing that stops me from wasting time, because without that pressure I have a tendency to be very lazy and put things off. It’s something that’s deep-rooted and it’s easy for me to slip back into it. Then it’s almost as if I’ve had a lobotomy.

“When I had some free time while filming Jack Ryan, I thought I should do something important or visit a few art galleries – I love that more than anything. But I just couldn’t do it. When I’m like that, I don’t even find it in me to read a book. I just hang around and stare out of the window.”

Keira has an army of adoring fans, her biggest being her husband James Righton, who she married in May last year.

She admits that she needs to feel loved, else she’d find herself lacking in self-confidence and searching for appreciation from the public.

The star describes herself as sensitive and admits she is hurt by things that shouldn’t really affect her anymore.

It’s because of these personality traits that she tries not to let playing troubled characters get to her.

“It helps me to understand human emotions,” she mused.

“I’m just not allowed to use that as therapy. That would be dangerous. Because I’m playing with some dark emotions; the characters I portray often have very destructive tendencies. I can’t get lost in that psyche. Because like every human being, I’m very fragile; I break easily. If a feeling gets too intense, it turns into madness. That’s why you need to stay in control.”

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