Ke$ha swears off men


Ke$ha’s new songs are “dude-orientated” after a recent breakup.

In an expletive-fuelled rant, the singer revealed that a man had recently treated her badly.

In response to the situation, the 26-year-old singer wrote tracks to express her feelings.

“Right now [my new songs are] more dude-oriented, because I recently had this boy just be a total piece of sh*t, douchebag piece of garbage [to me].

“He’s just a lying sack of sh*t, balls, sh*t -filled b**lsack, he’s just a giant pair. And he has a tiny penis, and he sucks real bad, so I’m writing about that,” she vented to MTV.

The singer is known for her outlandish stage outfits as well as her outspoken personality.

She recently admitted to having a crush on One Direction star Harry Styles, though her recent heartbreak might mean a break from men.

“I blocked him, because he was being such a f**king psychopathic piece of garbage dog sh*t. So I wrote a song called F**k You, but then that title was already taken, so U Suck A*s is another title.

“It’s talking about fake orgasms every time I had sex with him, and how I pawned all the diamonds he bought me in Vegas and bought some Chanel earrings,” she fumed.

Ke$ha also has her own reality TV series on MTV, which is will be aired for a second season.

Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life offers her fans a look through a window into her life, but her ex won’t be welcome.

“Don’t f**k with me. Out of all the b***hes to f**k with. I’ll write a whole album and tell somebody in an interview all about you, all the fake orgasms, tiny wieners. Don’t f**k with me,” warned Ke$ha.

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