Kate Moss ‘tops up toxins’

Kate Moss

Kate Moss reportedly feels like she “deserves a drink or two” after taking a detox break.

Last week the British supermodel hit the headlines after she caught a budget plan while apparently a little tipsy, with her fellow passengers tweeting all about it and taking pictures too.

The 40-year-old star had been at a detox resort in Turkey, and it’s claimed she was ready to let her hair down a bit.

“This was her fourth time at the resort. She says it leaves her looking and feeling her absolute best. But she doesn’t take it too seriously and when she leaves she feels like she deserves a drink or two – she calls it topping up her toxins,” an insider laughed to British magazine Grazia.

Kate had a couple of friends with her at The LifeCo Centre, where she was due to stay for a week. She decided to cut the trip short though and checked out after three days, which is apparently why she wasn’t booked on the flight she ended up catching.

“Kate had treatments including non-invasive electro-lymphatic therapy and colon cleanses,” the insider added.

On top of that the model apparently downed daily bentonite clay drinks, which many A-listers are using at the moment. They are said to help purge the body of toxins, while her diet will have consisted solely of fruit and vegetables. She will also have enjoyed regular drips, including one which focuses on improving the way the liver works and another which tackles anti-ageing.

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